About Mr. Mahler

David Mahler, Professional Hammered Dulcimer Musician

David Mahler, a Nashville based composer and multi instrumentalist, began playing the hammered dulcimer at the age of ten. Four years later, he competed and won the title of National Champion (setting the record for the youngest contestant to ever win). David is quite versatile on the dulcimer playing a range of traditional Appalachian, European folk, Classical, as well as joining contemporary folk rock and pop bands for recording sessions and performances. Each of his Cds he has produced have within them refreshing, and heart opening melodies which reveal different seasons he has had with the hammered dulcimer. They also have been vehicles for his talents as a composer. Recently, he released an instructional European music book for the hammered dulcimer, catering to all levels of players. Always, he remains open to ideas and opportunities that incorporate the hammered dulcimer into new avenues of music and the arts.